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IMBIL Service

In contract management, IMBIL/IMBIL SERVICE implements, trains and manages the resident maintenance and performance teams, being responsible for the maintenance and performance of the pumping equipment in the plants.

Currently in this type of service, IMBIL/IMBIL SERVICE operates with twelve (12) contracts, highlighting the SÃO MARTINHO sugar and alcohol group since 1999. Among the maintenance contracts we have the GUARANI group, RAÍZEN, USINA BEVAP and USINA GOIASA among others , where we are responsible for more than 2,700 motor pump sets.

IMBIL SERVICE has an engineering department with experience to support field services (installation, operation and maintenance).

We are qualified to carry out Reverse Engineering, for the Nationalization of parts such as rotors, diffusers, volutes, covers, etc., without restriction of brands or models.

We have SOFTWARE, such as SOLID WORKS, and a MITUTOYO machine which performs three-dimensional measurements, facilitating the development of parts and the sweeping scanner – ROMER.

We provide maintenance services for all types of small, medium and large pumps. In the case of large-scale maintenance, we carry out the Renovation Project, including improvements, adapting the equipment to its best performance.


Planned predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance contract for pump sets.


Contract for the provision of specialized services for the recovery of centrifugal pumps (24 months) at the Cubatão and Ipatinga units


Maintenance contract (renovations) of pumps such as VACUUM/WATER in the Mines of CATA BRANCA, MUTUCA, PICO, FABRICA, CORREGO DO FEIJÃO and VARGEM GRANDE, in the DIFL region.