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IMBIL– Industry and Maintenance of Pumps ITA Ltda. is a 100% Brazilian company, privately held, which since 1982 operates in the segment of single and multistage Centrifugal Pumps, and is currently located at Rua Jacob Audi, 690 in the city of Itapira/SP, in its own area of 120 thousand m², of which 35 thousand m² of built area.

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AREA 120,000m²

ISO 9001:2015 certified by the BVC (Bureau Veritas Certification) since 1996. Since then, the IMBIL has been seeking national and international recognition, and in 2010 it obtained the Registration and Cadastral Classification Certification (CRCC) granted by Petrobras with an average of 95% of use of the 06 audited modules. Therefore, the increase in the scope of supply, which is based on the families of materials: 001-Horizontal Centrifugal Pump, According to API 610 Standard: 002-Horizontal Centrifugal Pump for Pumping Clean Water and Sewage Disposal, According to Own Project; 003-Process Centrifugal Pump, According to ASME B73.1 Standard; 004-Horizontal Centrifugal Pump for Fire Fighting, According to NPFA 20 Standard and, 005-Horizontal Centrifugal Pump for Industrial Units, not Standardized, According to the Manufacturer's Standard.

On the eve of completing 40 years in the market, the IMBIL has its Core Business defined as “Pumping Solutions” and operates with a Network of Distributors in Brazil and throughout Latin America, in addition to Business Partners in the US and Europe. It operates in the Sugar and Alcohol, Chemical and Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Irrigation, Air Conditioning, Basic Sanitation, Textile, Fire Fighting, Boiler Feeding, Mining and General Industries segments.

Its entire product line is made of cast/nodular iron alloys, in special materials, according to the customer's needs, such as: stainless steel, carbon steel, superalloys and wear-resistant alloys (abrasion and corrosion).

It is a medium-sized company that, in its Pumps, Foundry and Administration Divisions, has more than 500 Employees, of which about 20% have higher education.


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Continuing its development trajectory, with a focus on the continuous and growing satisfaction of its customers in the global market, IMBIL provides yet another Testing Laboratory to carry out Performance Tests on its products.

The new Test Laboratory is modern and fully computerized with state-of-the-art equipment. For this project, several laboratories were visited in Brazil, Germany, Japan, France and the United Kingdom.

With a software fully developed at IMBIL to enable the collection of data via instruments and the conversion of signals, It also allow to generate test reports.

The lay-out, in addition to facilitating the handling and assembly of the equipment to be tested, is located close to the manufacturing areas, allowing greater time gain and less movement.

In the Laboratory we can perform Performance Tests (Flow x AMT – Flow x Yield – Flow x Power consumed), NPSH Test, Test varying the Suction Pressure, Vibration Test, Temperature Measurements in the bearings and Noise Measurements.

As an option, the Imbil Testing Laboratory allows the operation and control of the entire system from the control room through a supervisory and network-connected cameras for viewing the areas. This condition will soon allow the monitoring of tests remotely via “WEB”.

All measurement and control instruments are identified and calibrated by entities accredited by the RBC – Brazilian Calibration Network and are governed by the Hydraulic Institute.


Environmental, Safety and Health

Concern for the environment, safety and occupational health of its employees makes IMBIL promote a safe and healthy environment in which to work. Always seeking the quality of life and the commitment of all, in addition to the continuous improvement of its processes and the minimization of possible environmental and occupational impacts.

In addition to its Environmental Policy, IMBIL has as its principle the 15 Safety Commandments, where everyone who works on its behalf is trained in order to promote safe and healthy behavior.

Always assuming that the company and the community in which it is inserted must necessarily share objectives that stimulate the well-being of all, IMBIL makes the environmental issue an excellent link of community relationship, supporting and encouraging practices that mainly prioritize education. environment, starting, of course, with the involvement of its employees and their families, passing through the relationship with municipal bodies and assistance entities.

Actions such as: Compliance with legal requirements, donation of seedlings and seeds, collection of used cooking oil, planting trees, preservation of green areas, training for employees and correct disposal of waste are already part of the routine actions of IMBIL, which is now seeking the minimization of the sending of residues to the sanitary landfill through the project of reuse of foundry sand for the manufacture of concrete artifacts.

With these and other actions, IMBIL is increasingly strengthened with respect and ethics with its employees and society.


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